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Collaboration is the key to success today’. 3E-CONNECT aims at building an ecosystem by collaborating creative minds to generate new ideas and scale up creativity, thereby bringing innovative products and services to the market. Our approach is to conduct focused Skill Enhancement programs, Employability skills workshops and Entrepreneurial skills seminars.



Empower and enable women to become thought Leaders in today’s world.


An initiative to empower and enable women and girls to become the harbingers of change and value creators of our society. The competitive world of today needs leaders who possess the ability to steer through a crisis while making most of the opportunities by using the resources at hand in the most efficient and innovative manner. Women are innately bestowed with such qualities and in most cases, would need a nudge in the right direction to realize their potential.

It has been proven that leaders with a good Emotional Quotient are better adept at their jobs and collaborate well with their team members, partners and customers; which is an area of strength for women. Entrepreneurial skills such as multitasking come as second nature to most women. A critical need of today is to help women to overcome the limitations imposed by an array of mental constructs, thus extending their abilities.

We aim to build a network of innovative leaders who can grow this initiative and augment gender equality in our world.

Catch them young

Programs are specially designed for school children to enhance their life skills. Life skills play a major role at the stage when they are ready to embark on a new journey in a direction they have chosen to move ahead. It keeps them grounded, focussed and competitive to compete and survive in this competitive world today. Our series of programs will also focus on managing their emotions (EQ) to collaborate, build better relationships and thereby achieve their goals.

'Catch them young' programs also sow seeds of entrepreneurship to broaden their perspectives of things and situations, creating an open mind for change and growth. Fostering the entrepreneurial minds at school level helps our future generations to dream big and make our world a better place to live.

Transcend the ordinary

This is the stage when students are ready to embark on their next journey for further learning, employment or entrepreneurship.

Programs for college students will give them a clear vision to choose their area of interest with confidence, which will take them ahead in their careers.

Impact of programs:

  • For students to move ahead on the learning curve
  • Enhance on employability skills
  • Groom for entrepreneurship

'Transcend the ordinary' program will also nurture the entrepreneurial minds to generate new ideas, create their own path or journey of success and experience. Our intent is to build next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators.

Disrupt to scale up

Scaling up is the biggest challenge for the Entrepreneurs today. The only difference between the product values of different industries is the way they package and market. It includes creativity, communication & presentation. Bridging these gaps is the way to move forward. Our programs will enable them to create new ideas, communicate & collaborate for further growth. We intend to build communities for entrepreneurs through our Mentoring model to support and promote their businesses / initiatives.


Jyothi Geetprasad

Over 2 decades of experience in the field of Information Technology with specialized expertise in strategizing corporate initiatives and customer relationship management. An enterprising leader, effective communicator & mentor with proficiency in providing leadership, direction & vision for various business and social initiatives. Adept in steering workforce towards accomplishment of defined goals through process and data driven approach.

Roopa Anilkumar

Speaker, coach and trainer In leadership and competitive skills. She has been coaching and Training MBA students , Doctors and sports persons. Design thinking ,Innovative leadership and all her other programs are tailored to Individual or organisational needs.

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